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Hiring student performers or professional Musicians

聘請學生表演者 / 專業音樂家

As a professional music Academy, the we have world’s finest singers and musicians.

You can book these musicians for your event – a concert, a wedding, a corporate function, or for any other occasion.

Whether you require 
  – classical or jazz ensemble background music for your event
  – recital soloist or ensemble
  – a singer for oratorio
  – or a bespoke musical theatre performance

Please contact us for more tailor-made programme , we will endeavour to help you with your request.




- 參加您的活動 - 音樂會,婚禮,公司活動或任何其他場合

- 為您的活動提供古典或爵士樂合奏背景音樂   

- 演奏獨奏或合奏   

- 清唱劇的歌手   

- 或定制的歌劇 / 音樂劇表演


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