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劉倪彤兒童合唱團成立旨在給年幼小童及對聲樂有興趣的青少年認識古典聲樂, 從中獲得正統聲樂訓練。讓孩子們從合唱團中培養出樂趣,並作為橋樑發掘他們對學習聲樂的興趣,從而強化他們的自信心。TLCC 有別於其他合唱團,我們專注正統『美聲唱法』。 從小培養正確呼吸方法、氣息等聲樂基礎訓練。讓每位有意對古典聲樂要求更深層次學習或培養出自己高雅興趣,使日後掌握技巧更快,更自然流暢。




- 訓練音準、節奏、發聲、吐字、運氣、視唱等等
- 以拉丁文、意大利文、德文及法文等外文演唱美聲歌曲
- 學習多聲部和聲合唱





Performance Schedule:


9-9-2017 - 劉倪彤聲樂學校週年音樂會 2017

16 - 12 - 2017 - 海洋公園聖誕表演

31-8-2018 - 劉倪彤聲樂學校週年音樂會 2018

9-12-2018 - Christmas Carol @ Elements 

16-12-2018 - Christmas Carol @ Ocean Park 

29-8-2019 - 劉倪彤聲樂學校週年音樂會 2019

8-12-2019 - Christmas Carol @ Elements 

15-12-2019 - Christmas Carol @ Ocean Park 

Aug 2021 - Chorus of Opera Production (Hansel and Gretel)

July 2022 - Chorus of Opera Production (The Green Children)

Dec 2022 - Christmas Caroling @ Elements 

Dec 2022 - Christmas Caroling @ Ocean Park 

Dec 2022 - Christmas Caroling @ D-park
7-8 Nov 2023 -
Chorus of Opera Production (The Pirates of Penzance)

3 Dec 2023 - Christmas Caroling @ Elements 

31 Dec 2023 - Christmas Caroling @ D-park

1 Jan 2024 - Christmas Caroling @ Ocean Park 

The aim of Tiffany Lau Children Choir is to provide legitimism choral training to young singers. From the choir as a stepping stone to train and develop their music, children can develop and strengthen their self-confidence from the fun. Unlike the other choirs, we focus on traditional "Bel canto". From an early age have the correct breathing skill and other vocal basic training.

We believe that children have musicality, so that we have student’s concerts and different nature of performance every year.Let our members to learn more through a variety of experience. Learning from each other which makes their musical journey richer.



Welcome to join Tiffany Lau Children Choir



Fee  : HK$160 per session

  1.  Application and registration details, please refer to Admission and Application

  2. The application form can be obtained from the general office or downloaded from the our website. 

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Free trial lesson available, please contact us for details

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