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External Choir & Vocal Training

合唱團 及 專業聲樂訓練

Our academy provides professional vocal courses for youths. Every year, we produce and perform two sets of operas along with public performances, which gives lots of performance opportunities and stage experiences to fellow singers. Also, we are a private examination venue for Trinity College of music in Hong Kong. Founder and Music Director of our Academy, Ms. Tiffany Lau, who is a soprano with outstanding teaching experience in both local and international vocal competitions and examinations, is now staying in Hong Kong, working with local schools and institutions, she discovers and trains talented youth singers in all ages.

We provide professional lessons for vocal solo, duet, a Capella, choir and opera training. On the spot, our teaching is tailor-made to accommodate all age groups and skill levels in order to meet your needs. Our academy is also happy to provide teachers assisting on selecting potential students for your organisation.

Please contact us for more tailor-made programme,
we will endeavour to help you with your request.

本聲樂學校專為青少年提供專業聲樂課程,我們每年都會制作及公演兩套歌劇,為聲樂學生提供更多演出機會及舞台經驗。本校之創辦人及音樂總監-劉倪彤 女士。為旅居英國女高音,現居香港培訓新一代年青歌唱家,不論校內、校外學生亦於國際及本地各個聲樂比賽及考試取得傑出成績。現與多間本地學校或機構合作,接觸更多學生,發掘新一代音樂人才。




TLCC 2020
Opera Rehearsal
TLCC 2018
Opera Rehearsal 2019
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