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Full ABRSM G.7 Study Pack + 12 Feedbacks




16 Weeks

Full ABRSM G.7 Study Pack + 12 Feedbacks

Self-learning pack for 4 Songs Plus EIGHT feedbacks (FOUR extra feedbacks for free)

Self-learning pack including Melody,
Pronunciation, Accompaniment,
Interpretation Guide

You can record your singing videos to us, our Music Director - Miss Tiffany Lau will send you feedback videos. You can enjoy this service within 16 weeks.

Choose FOUR from the following Song list:
7A9 Amarilli, mia bella
7A13 Le secret
7A15 Come unto Him
7A22 O rest in the Lord
7A27 If music be the food of love
7A29 Sento nel core
7B1 Ich liebe dich
7B17 Das Veilchen
7B24 Die Lotosblume
7B27 Fleur Dessechee
7C7 Crabbed age and youth
7C37 Silent Noon
7C38 The sky above the roof
7D2 Il fervido desiderio
7D3 Vaga luna, che inargenti
7D7 Me voglio fa na casa
7D8 Sovra il campo della vita
7D13 El majo discreto
7D24 Il poveretto
7E17 The sun, whose rays are all ablaze
7E18 Bel piacere
7E20 Lascia ch'io pianga
7E32 Un moto di gioia
7E33 Vedrai, carino

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