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Full ABRSM G.3 Study Pack + 12 Feedbacks




12 Weeks

Full ABRSM G.3 Study Pack + 12 Feedbacks

Self-learning pack for 4 Songs Plus EIGHT feedbacks (FOUR extra feedbacks for free)

Self-learning pack including Melody,
Pronunciation, Accompaniment,
Interpretation Guide

You can record your singing videos to us, our Music Director - Miss Tiffany Lau will send you feedback videos. You can enjoy this service within 12 weeks.

Choose FOUR from the following Song list:
3A8 Ah how pleasant 'tis to love
3A13 Pretty Polly Oliver
3A21 In the garden flowers are growing
3A22 Llwyn Onn (The Ash Grove)
3B4 Peace Song
3B7 Ferry me across the water
3B11 Butterfly
3B14 Gruss
3B17 Dalmatian Cradle Song
3B18 Heidenroslein
3B21 The Path to the moon
3C4 Who will buy
3C6 My House
3C9 All I do is dream of you
3C13 When you wish upon a star
3C16 Wouldn't it be Loverly
3C26 The Girl I Mean to Be

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