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Full ABRSM G.2 Study Pack + 12 Feedbacks




12 Weeks

Full ABRSM G.2 Study Pack + 12 Feedbacks

Self-learning pack for 4 Songs Plus EIGHT feedbacks (FOUR extra feedbacks for free)

Self-learning pack including Melody,
Pronunciation, Accompaniment,
Interpretation Guide

You can record your singing videos to us, our Music Director - Miss Tiffany Lau will send you feedback videos. You can enjoy this service within 12 weeks.

Choose FOUR from the following Song list:
2A7 A-roving
2A13 Let him go, let him tarry
2A15 Ma bella bimba
2A16 Santa Lucia
2B16 Earth, sea and sky
2B19 Wiegenlied
2C3 Singin' in the rain
2C8 Daisy Bell
2C18 In my own little Corner

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