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Study Pack + Feedback on a Single Song (ABRSM Grade 8)




6 Weeks

About the Course

Self-learning pack
Plus TWO feedbacks Self-learning pack including Melody,
Pronunciation, Accompaniment,
Interpretation Guide

You can record your singing videos to us, our Music Director - Miss Tiffany Lau will send you feedback videos. You can enjoy this service within weeks.

Choose ONE from the following Song list:
8A8 Quella fiamma
8A11 Flow my tears
8A23 O tuneful voice
8A29 O for the wings of the dove
8B2 Absence
8B11 Beau soir
8B17 Les rosese d'Ispahan
8B19 Notre amour
8B20 A Chloris
8B24 Nuit d'Espagne
8B25 Als Luise die Briefe
8B31 An die Musik
8B33 Du bist die Ruh
8B36 Widmung
8B38 Les filles de Cadix
8B40 Verborgenbeit
8C16 It was a lover
8C22 Money, O
8C23 A Piper
8C33 Fear no more the heat o' the sun
8C34 Go, lovely rose
8C39 I wandered lonely as a cloud
8D1 O sole mio
8D2 La conocchia
8D3 La lontananza
8D13 Mattinata
8D14 Ridente la calma
8D19 La pastorella delle Alpi

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