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Study Pack + Feedback on a Single Song (ABRSM Grade 6)




6 Weeks

About the Course

Self-learning pack
Plus TWO feedbacks Self-learning pack including Melody,
Pronunciation, Accompaniment,
Interpretation Guide

You can record your singing videos to us, our Music Director - Miss Tiffany Lau will send you feedback videos. You can enjoy this service within 6 weeks.

Choose ONE from the following Song list:
6A6 This Day
6A11 The silver swan
6A17 Piercing Eyes
6A19 Vezzoz aurora
6B1 An die Geliebte
6B2 Dein Blaues Auge
6B4 Sonntag
6B7 Aurore
6B8 Chanson d'amour
6B21 Standchen
6B22 Der Nussbaum
6C26 Over the mountains
6D1 Dolente immagine di Fille mia
6D4 Amore e morte
6E1 Tonight
6E3 Per la gloria d'adorarvi
6E4 Alma del core
6E25 Voi, che sapete
6E29 Nymphs and Shepherds

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